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An ecovillage is a community that is designed to be economically and socially sustainable. It can be difficult to visualize exactly what an ecovillage may look like, but the concept is relatively simple.

Joan Bokaer coined the term in 1990, and she managed to develop one of the first examples of an ecovillage on the outskirts of Ithaca, New York. The village is still thriving today. Around 420 ecovillages exist around the world, ranging from sustainable urban properties to rural farms.

The Possibility Project

In this podcast, Sarah Knight, who is a scientist and a proponent of energy healing, talks to other healers and scientists about art and the philosophy of sustainable living. She talks to activists and others who seek to promote a lifestyle that supports the environment.

The climate crisis might leave many people looking for answers, and this podcast is a refuge for those who are concerned about the environment and eco-friendly living.

Critter Radio

Rabbit Yoder and Pine Fresh Downlow Brownlow host Critter Radio. The podcast’s mission is to provide support to communities who seek a more sustainable way of life in Northeast Missouri. The channel talks about the challenges and blessings of living off the grid. Listen to interviews with activists and Dancing Rabbit residents.

Earthaven Ecovillage Podcast

The Earthaven Ecovillage Podcast features audio interviews about all aspects of ecovillage living. Each podcast is approximately 30 minutes. You can find news and information here about living more sustainably. This podcast was first called the Integrated Living Podcast and has since changed its name to include more topics concerning sustainable living.

Ecovillage Library

The Ecovillage Library is an educational platform that facilitates the realization of sustainable communities and empowers individuals who are keen on promoting a more sustainable way of life for the future generation. Find articles, news, podcasts, and other recordings that inform people about all the benefits of choosing to live a more sustainable life.

These podcasts will teach you everything you need to know about making the shift to a more sustainable way of living. Ecovillages can help people to improve their quality of life. Listeners can also contribute to the sustainability of the environment.

Discover how people go about generating renewable energy, recycling, and taking care of the environment around them by tuning in to the latest episodes.