Bruns Eco Village - Brunswick Heads

“In our opinion, the most important key to success of any community or eco-village is … the beliefs and values on which it is based, and the relationships which bind members and enable them to work together.”

Christine Connelly, Sustainable Communities: Lessons from Aspiring Eco-Villages


The Village Development Program

Please note the VDP is currently postponed subject to Council Planning pathway discussions, thank you.


The VDP exceeded my expectations on all counts. Doing this program fundamentally changes you forever - there is no going back! I'm now convinced of the importance of this personal work and of developing necessary skills prior to landing in the cauldron of an intentional community!
For me this is potentially the most important project any of us could be working to make a reality in the world at this time in human history. That is how critical I see it.

Jamie Lines


The VDP process was enormously rewarding. Topics were incredibly relevant and have given me a great grounding in some relevant skills for creating and building a community.
This kind of community living is what I've always longed for. I've realised through my own experience that the nuclear family is not the healthiest model for bringing up children and can be a lonely and isolating way to live. What we are creating here will be the legacy I’ll be proud to leave for future generations.

Sugama Sellers


These are the words of some of the participants of the first two Village Development Programs.

When we set sail on the first Village Development Program in September 2016 our intention was to cultivate a felt community environment that can embody the dream and vision of Bruns Eco Village and carry it forward into the future. What has grown from that has been two awe inspiring VDP experiences. This shared community spirit will continue to grow, evolve and change as new members join what may become one of the most progressive ecovillages in Australia.



Whether you’re eager to live on Bruns Eco Village, want to learn the tools for living in community in general or would like to participate in the VDP for your own personal or career development you are very welcome to join us.

Participating in a Village Development Program is the first of a two part requirement to be eligible to apply for membership and residency of the Bruns Eco Village. Please read our FAQ’s for more information.

Creating with Purpose

Our aim in offering the Village Development Program is to create an environment to explore and experience community living while introducing the culture, structures and social elements of the future ecovillage.

This has been an incredible year of learning and development and we’re excited about refining what we’ve learned to make this next VDP even more magnificent.

Living in community requires a commitment to learn a new way of living together. In our lives most of us don’t get an opportunity to learn the skills needed to live well with each other. By attending this workshop you will learn a range of social and communication tools that can support a collaborative, creative and harmonious way of life.


Upcoming Village Development Programs

On Aug 23rd 2018 Byron Council met and discussed the Saddle Road Planning Proposal which included Bruns Eco Village and 4 surrounding landholders's lands.

Councillors voted to not progress with the entire planning proposal, but instead to invite individual project proposals that offer at least 80% affordable housing. Essentially this motion and the invitation it contains is a request for BEV to submit an individual planning proposal solely for the Bruns Eco Village.

There was strong vocal support for the Bruns Eco Village project from the mayor and many of the councillors.

Bruns Eco Village was on a planning pathway as invited by Byron Council in June 2017. We have now been asked to change our pathway. As a consequence we are reviewing timeframes for the project. Upon review we may find that our projected timeframes remain the same or they might need to change.

In our view therefore, the most respectful course of action is to postpone our 2 planned Village Development Programs (Sept & Oct) until our new planning pathway is clarified with council.

We expect and hope to have a new plan by the end of October as well as specific dates for a Village Development Program in early March.

We appreciate your ongoing support for Bruns Eco Village.

All are welcome at Bruns Eco Village. Anyone who aligns with Bruns Eco Village’s vision and mission is welcome to join the Village Development Program regardless of age, ethnicity, gender or ability.

Register for updates to be the first to hear about our next VDP workshop and take the initial step towards living on the Bruns Eco Village.