Bruns Eco Village - Brunswick Heads

"What is easy for a group may be impossibly stressful for a nuclear family. It is possible for a group to provide many services, and for many people to earn a living in doing so.”

Bill Mollison, Permaculture: A Designers Manual



Please Note: The land for the proposed eco village is currently privately owned and not available for viewing. In Byron Shire Council’s recently exhibited draft Rural Land Use Strategy this land and other parcels on Saddle Road have been identified as Potential Urban or Village land.

An integrated way of life

Sustainability is the principle underlying all buildings on the eco village. We aim to build passive solar designed dwellings and buildings to a minimum 7 star rating. As we build and develop the eco village we intend to future proof for the foreseen and unforeseen climate challenges.

Dwellings are designed to be in clusters, with each cluster having a central common house. Each cluster or hamlet will determine the type of design those houses will be built in. Some houses will be conjoined; others will be duplexes; and others still will be freestanding. A selection of local architects will be asked to present their range of affordable passive solar design templates for 1-bed up to 4-bed houses.

We have plans for a restaurant, a community centre, a swimming pool and a small commercial centre that will include a general store, a medical centre and a community bank.

Education is important to us

We plan to build a school and library that teaches kids from kindergarten up to Class 10. The school is open to all children from the eco village and the surrounding areas. As part of this educational component there will be a workshop space and an adult working space for parents of kids who attend the school.

The workshop space will have a myriad of uses:

  • courses (permaculture, bush food, art, sustainable building);
  • workshops (rights of passage, personal development);
  • ceremonies;
  • retreats (meditation, yoga, chi kung).

Walking the talk

One of the most exciting elements of the Bruns Eco Village is the opportunity we have to generate our own power, manage our own waste, capture our own water and grow our own food, effectively becoming a self-sustaining community.

Working with Enova  and COREM we intend to build a 1-2MW solar farm within a renewables precinct. Each cluster on the eco village will generate its own power. A micro-grid may possibly connect the entire community. The renewables precinct will be the hub through which we intend to export and sell bulk power to external energy companies.


Do you see your investment dollars going towards making this social and environmental vision a reality?