Bruns Eco Village - Brunswick Heads

“It’s hard to find meaning in what we do if at some level it doesn’t help someone else or make someone happier.”

Matthew D. Lieberman, Social: Why our brains are wired to connect


We believe that a fulfilled life is a shared one. We are not solitary creatures. In fact we are an intensely social species and we need one another to survive and thrive. Many of us are hungry for community; hungry to live more in harmony with nature and more in harmony with each other.

If you are one of the many people who are disillusioned with the isolating living that modern life has created, then becoming a resident of Bruns Eco Village may be the move you’ve been looking for.

This eco village is open to all and is intended to be an inclusive multi-cultural, multi-ethnic community.

Challenging the status quo

The dominant worldview in Australia is the success = ownership model. We aim to challenge this view by presenting a real and plausible platform for people to live, work, learn from and support each other.

The Bruns Eco Village approach is an Alternative Ownership Model where you can rent and invest simultaneously.

There is an alternative and exciting way of living available. Working together we can create this new way for valued work to be done collaboratively.

From the beginning…

The idea for the Bruns Eco Village started more than two and a half years ago. Having seen first hand the effect on renters of landlords terminating long term rental leases in favour of more lucrative uses like holiday letting, Kelvin and his wife Skai decided they wanted to do something about it. Inspired by his great granduncle, James Daly, who as editor of the Connaught Telegraph, used the paper to fight tyrannical behaviour by English absentee landlords on Ireland’s west coast, Kelvin was spurred on to consider actions that could meet the needs of the community.

Having found this piece of land three and a half years ago, Kelvin began the process of exploring different ways the land could be used to meet the financial and collective needs of the current community and its future generations.

But this is only one part of the tale. We are in the process of writing the Bruns Eco Village story. The next chapters will tell of the community that comes together to be a part of this journey. They will tell the story of how the eco village develops, grows and evolves. We hope you will be part of it.

How will it work?

The proposed Bruns Eco Village (BEV) is located on an approximately 105 acre parcel of land high above Brunswick Heads in NSW.

The land is intended to be what is commonly known as a Community Land Trust (CLT) that will be run and maintained by a not-for-profit community entity. The Bruns Eco Village has been registered as an Incorporated Association and will with time transition to become the community entity.


The eco village will be created on a multi-use site with an integrated combination of:

  • residential clusters;
  • an educational facility and workshop space;
  • light commercial area;
  • wellness facility; and
  • food producing and renewable energy precinct.

As a resident, or simply as a member of the wider Byron community, it’s possible to be involved in BEV as much or as little as you would like. The school will be open to all kids, and the workshop space available to anyone who is interested to use it.

The land will be owned by the not-for-profit community entity. This community entity will manage and administer the village, the land, the power, the water and the infrastructure as well as liaise with council and other stakeholders. The community entity provides a proven and alternative structure that is bottom-up rather than top-down and is more in line with a not-for-profit framework. It will adopt an inclusive decision making process and by its nature it will include the community in all aspects of the running of the eco village and meet with the community regularly.

Read more about how the eco village will be laid out here.

Who will benefit?

We’re strong advocates of positive change and of creating housing that is actually affordable for local families. We believe that Bruns Eco Village can significantly contribute to Byron’s Zero Emissions policy and demonstrate a sustainable pathway into the future for the Shire.

We want this eco village to serve everyone, from the people who live here, to those who invest in the eco village and live in the surrounding area. We also want it to serve the planet.

Similarly to the Brunswick Heads Community itself, our vision is to create a welcoming village lifestyle that promotes diversity and wellbeing, and supports sustainability on all levels.

Bruns Eco Village will provide much needed opportunities for employment from the school, to the light industrial area and the management of power, waste and water. The workshop space will be available to hire and use by residents and non-residents alike and we welcome all kinds of workshops that align with the values of the community.

We aim to create a successful environmental, social and economical community and to create opportunities for sustainable tourism where others interested in the reality of community living can come and experience a shared and inclusive, low-impact way of life.


Anyone with a vision can form an idea, but it takes a collaboration of many people to make it a success. We invite you to be part of this process of creating and forming a testament to how integrated community living can be.