Bruns Eco Village - Brunswick Heads

I thank all those who followed our journey, celebrated our achievements, were inspired by the vision and acted in good faith.

Sincere thanks,

Kelvin Daly


Hello visitor,

We wish to advise you that the Bruns Eco Village project is no longer proceeding.

Below is the announcement that was made in April 2019 by Kelvin Daly, the land steward and visionary of the project, as well as some letters in response to the conclusion of the project.

You’re still very welcome to read through our website to get a feel for what this project was, and could have been.

With thanks,

The BEV team

A message from Kelvin

It is with great sadness and regret that I inform you all that my wife Skai and I cannot sustain the BEV project any longer.

Our bank has reached the threshold of funds that it is willing to loan us and we are unable to spend more borrowed money on a project with an unclear planning pathway and elusive timeline. The professional counsel given to us across the board is consistent in advising us not to proceed in this current circumstance.

We have spent the last few months modelling alternate versions of affordable housing in an attempt to remain consistent with Council’s affordable housing principles and resolutions and at the same time produce a viable eco-village project. We have tested these alternate versions with community housing providers and experts. We have now reached a point where we can no longer continue with this work.

BEV’s five-year journey has been rich in learnings and has inspired many people locally and internationally. We hope that variations of BEV will one day manifest up and down the East Coast and provide a much needed experience of community living.

I am proud that the BEV project facilitated 150 adults to complete the Village Development Program (VDP), a training for people wanting to live in community, quite a feat for a new course and a testament to the work of the VDP and BEV project teams.

Nearly 50 of those VDP participants went on to join the BEV Aspiring Resident Network. Those wishing to continue the journey that the residents network has started are planning to form an eco-village action group, Northern Rivers Eco-Village Network, something sorely needed in this Shire. Any residual monies paid to be part of the Aspiring Resident Network will be offered back to those wishing to opt out.

The original BEV vision would have seen the land transferred to the end users at a significant discount. We will now need to consider an interim land steward, someone who can see the value of what has been co-created, can purchase the land, complete the planning process and sell the land to the end users.

For five years I have given everything I have to this project and I can no longer ignore the reality of our financial circumstances.

We will explore the interest from interim stewards in the coming months and hope that a suitable fit can be found.

I thank all those who followed our journey, celebrated our achievements, were inspired by the vision and acted in good faith.

Sincere thanks,

Kelvin Daly


Dearest Kelvin,

Thank you for everything! I have learned so much from this rich experience!

I am sorry that it hasn’t resulted in the way you envisioned.

I hope you can now reclaim some of your play/family life.

With lots of love,


Dear friends,

For me being part of BEV was a journey of hope, learning and friendship and I wouldn't have missed it. The friendships are ongoing and I continue to build on my learning.

I thank everyone who contributed to my experience and special thanks to Kelvin and Skai for their vision and for so much commitment and hard work.

The movement for housing justice going forward through other projects will benefit from the BEV experiment I am sure.

Best wishes for the future to all.



Dear Kelvin,

I really support you in this, despite the outcome, and honour your efforts, commitment and sincere longing to provide an alternative sustainable and beautiful eco village for locals and others.

The dream is morphing beyond any of our control, either as individuals or as a group.    

Thank you deeply, and to Skai and the family, whose trust and commitment has been an integral part of my journey on this eco village intention.   I look forward to how this unfolds further.


Dear Kelvin and Skai,

We are so sorry to hear this news. We have huge admiration for your vision and the huge amount of hard work you have put in towards this amazing project over these years.

It is such a shame that innovative thinking and an inspiring vision for a better housing future for so many people has not been rewarded as it should be.

I hope all the ideas, plans and conversations that have happened during this phase will echo on into the future and make changes in the community’s thinking and understanding of what could come about some day soon.

We wish you and your family all the very best and thank you so much for your generous intentions and enormous actions.

With warmth and gratitude,

Jo and Dan

Warm hello dear Kelvin,

I truly appreciate everything that you have devoted to the BEV project as well as your generosity, integrity, tenacity & community spirit. Thank you from my heart!

Although the vision has entered a period of quiet dormancy, I am optimistic that it will be revived (perhaps taking a somewhat different expression than the original) when circumstances allow. As with many things, it's all about the timing & a bigger picture we cannot yet see.

Abundant blessings & new horizons,